Four Signs That A Site Needs Security Fences

Security fences are among the most common control systems for properties. Fencing is an investment, and that means there are costs. If you're trying to determine whether the benefits exceed the investment, you should look at these four signs that it's time to install security gates and fences.


Unsurprisingly, the strong motivation for many to install fences is to deter crime. Even a seemingly minor crime on a property is a sign that you need to up your security game. Criminal behavior can lead to escalation. Someone might vandalize a building, and then the next person sees that no one has done anything about the vandalism. They correctly conclude that they can commit bigger crimes, such as theft, destruction of property, or even arson.

Securing fences serves as a signal to would-be criminals. Likewise, they impose a physical cost by making criminals overcome them. This imposes a time cost that also allows security cameras and guards more time to catch perpetrators. Overall, the effect deters crime by making it harder since most criminals prefer activities that have a low probability of leading to their capture.

Through Traffic

Well-intentioned people can be a problem, too. Many sites connect to nearby roads, and traffic may pass through because they don't understand. Posting signs rarely helps if there aren't security gates to control the traffic flow. Fencing an area and installing gates will make it clear that drivers aren't allowed to go through the property.

Deterring through traffic also makes criminal activity on the property less plausibly deniable. Someone can't bring a truck through and park it if they shouldn't be there. This makes it easier for guards and police to respond to unauthorized entries.

The same logic applies to foot traffic. People often traverse commercial property on foot just because it's the shortest route. However, this damages the property through wear and tear. It also provides cover for criminal activities. Security fences discourage such traffic.


Your security focus rightly tends to be on human beings. However, wildlife is a security problem, too. Animals can damage property with chewing, urination, and defecation. Especially if your location contains things that would attract animals, such as stored grains, security fences will make a difference.

Insurance Costs

Finally, insurers tend to reward customers for reducing risks. Contact your insurance agent to learn if there are discounts for installing security gates and fences. The reduced premiums may pay for the project within years. 

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