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If you're trying to decide what kind of fence you should have built around your home, then think about going with a cedar fence. By reading this content, you'll be able to learn about some big reasons why cedar fencing is so great. Here are some things that you should know about cedar fencing

Cedar fencing comes in different types

You may narrow things down to knowing you want a cedar fence, but you still have to decide what kind of cedar you prefer. This is due to there being different cedar types that can be used for fencing. A few examples you can choose between include red cedar, white cedar, and Japanese cedar. Each type brings its own special properties with it, such as a color you may prefer. 

Cedar fencing has a natural protective oil

One of the things that you will often have to worry about when you have a wood fence built is that it can be susceptible to so many threats. For example, a wood fence can be more susceptible to water or UV damage. Also, it can be susceptible to pest damage. However, when you make the wise decision to go with a cedar fence, you get the benefit of the protective oil it naturally has. This oil can help to prevent water damage and UV damage. Also, the oil acts as a pest repellant. Not only will it repel pests like carpenter ants and termites that could otherwise cause a lot of damage, but it also repels rodents, so they won't gnaw it. 

Cedar fencing can come in so many styles

When you choose cedar fencing, you have so many options when it comes to the style of fence you want. Your fence can be a privacy fence, a security fence, a containment fence, a decorative fence, or another kind. You can also choose a cedar fence that also has some areas where other materials are built into its design. For example, you can have a solid cedar fence built that has a lattice along the top. This can give you a privacy fence, but also give you an area along the top where you can see out. You can have a cedar fence that has wrought iron gates, and this can help give the fence a special touch that helps with its aesthetics. It can be exciting to think of just how you want your fence to be built.

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