Chain Link Fencing Has So Many Residential Uses

Chain link fencing is one of the most versatile types of fencing there is. It has common uses in residential, as well as commercial settings. It may be the type of fence you even see the most of as you drive through any city. Continue reading, and you will learn more about some different ways you can use chain-link fencing around your own property. 

Fence in your property 

A chain-link fence can be used as a regular residential fence. You have some choices, so you can make the most out of the benefits of chain link, while still getting a fence that looks good. There are chain-link fences with smaller links that some find to be more eye appealing. You can also get a chain link with a colored vinyl coating. Not only does this coating offer more protection, but it also gives the fence a more decorative look. 

Fence in your vegetable garden, rose garden, or fruit trees

If you have a vegetable or rose garden or even fruit trees in your yard, then they may cause you some issues. Depending on where you live, you can end up getting people coming up into your yard to take some vegetables, fruit, or even roses. You can have a shorter chain link fence installed to deter people. You can even choose a fence with smaller links and a green vinyl coating, so it looks nice around the area. 

Fence around remodeling or landscaping projects

If you are remodeling a part of your home or adding some landscaping elements, then you may have a lot of supplies lying around. You may even have some tools and equipment that you don't want to worry about locking up every time you turn your back. You can have a chain-link fence temporarily installed around the area you are working on. This can help to prevent thieves from walking off with things. An added bonus about fencing this space is it can also prevent someone in your family, or your pets, from getting hurt by something because they wander too far into the work area. 

Fence the area around the guest house

One more example of the types of things you can do with chain link is to fence in a small yard area around your guest house. This can be great when you have someone come to stay with you for a while who has a small child or brings their pet with them. It gives them their own small yard that adds a feeling of being at home for them to enjoy.

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