A Guide To Chain Link Fence Fillers

Fence fillers can turn an open chain link fence into an attractive privacy fence with very little effort. When it comes to filling in a chain link fence, there are a couple of options.

Weaves Vs. Slats

There are two main types of chain link fence fillers — weaves and slats. Weaves are made of a flexible vinyl material. They come in a variety of colors, including reflective silver. The material feels like an extra thick vinyl tarp, so it is easy to manipulate through the chain link. It can be inserted straight through the chains or it can be woven in and out between the chains, depending on the desired look.

Slats are also made of weather-resistant vinyl, but it is a stiff vinyl that has very little bend. Slats are never woven into the chain but instead, they are only inserted straight through the chain links. Depending on the style, slats can be quicker to install but they may not be as durable. This is because some styles are prone to slippage and breakage.

Fastener Options

Weaves always come equipped with fasteners to keep them from slipping. The general design is that the ends of the weave fold over on themselves and are secured by a brad. You never need to worry about the weave coming loose or slipping.

There are a few fastener options for slats. Some slats are purely friction fit. The slat may be curved or feature an "M" shape that helps it stay in place. Friction fit slats are more likely to slip and become damaged over time, though. The other two options are bottom locks, where the slat slides into a horizontal bar that holds it in place or self-locking. Self-locking slats are either wider at the top to prevent slippage, or they have notches on the side that lock into the chain link.

Installation and Care

The final thing to look at before deciding on a filler option is the required maintenance. The good news is that both weaves and slats require similar maintenance. You may need to hose them down periodically to remove dust and grime, but that is about it.

Rigid slats can be a bit more prone to cracking compared to weaves, so it's a good idea to inspect them for damage and replaced affected slats promptly. Both types of slats should also be periodically inspected to make sure the fasteners haven't come loose.

Contact a fencing service to learn more about fence filler options like Pexco brand silver fence fillers for your chain link fence.

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