3 Tips For Building Your Wood Fence That You May Not Have Thought Of

Want to build a wood fence on your own, but a bit unsure of the right way to go about doing it? You'll need to know some tips from the pros if you want the fence to be high quality. Here are some things to consider before you get started.

Build A Strong Gate

One of the most common reasons that fencing contractors are called to make repairs to a wood fence is because of the gate. While it may seem that a gate is simple to install by connecting it to a wood post with hinges, that is really the bare minimum that is required to get the job done. The best way to prevent problems with a wood gate is to make it as strong as possible by using metal. 

Your gate should have a metal framing connected to it, as well as metal posts on both sides to connect the hinges and locking mechanism. While it may seem strange using metal for a wood fence, it will help improve the longevity of the gate and the wood posts that would normally be used to support it. As long as no parts of the gate depend on the wood structure that surrounds it, you'll avoid the sagging that commonly affects wood gates. 

Use Strong Posts

Another reason that fences typically need to be replaced sooner rather than later is because of the posts. Much like with the gate, a wood fence doesn't need to be constructed by using all wood posts. Since wood can suffer from insect damage and rot, a wood post makes it more likely for the fence to fail prematurely. 

You can actually use steel posts to support each section of fence, which will give it improved strength and stability. If you don't want to look at steel posts on the inside of your fence, you can cover those steel posts up with vertical fence boards. Others will not be able to see the steel posts unless they go peaking around those fence boards.

Use Prestained Boards

While you may think that you have to stain the fence after it is installed, this is not necessarily true. You can actually buy fencing materials that are prestained. This will prevent you from having to take on the task of staining the boards after the fence is finished, and you won't have to worry about the weather being right to do the staining.

Reach out to a fencing contractor like Gatlin Fence Company for assistance with building your next fence. 

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