4 Materials You Can Use For Your New Deck

You need to have more than a plan for installing a new deck on your home; you need to know what materials you want to use on the deck installation project. The material you choose will impact the durability of your deck, as well as the cost of building your deck.

Material #1: Tropical Hardwood

If you want a material that is not going to get damaged by rot over time, and not eaten up by insects, invest in some tropical hardwood. Tropical hardwood is expensive, but it is very sturdy. It can also be tricky to install.

Tropical hardwood is really hard, and you may go through a few blades cutting through the hardwood. It is not easy to install, but it worth it if you want a deck that will last for decades.

Material #2: Redwood or Cedar

Redwood and cedar are two different types of woods, but they both have similar properties and price points, which is why they are grouped together. Both redwood and cedar are easy materials to work with and are resistant to insects. Both also weather over time to a gray shade.

The downside to these two products though is that the availability of this type of wood may be limited based on the geographical region of the United States you live in, and you will have to waterproof your deck every few years.

Material #3: PVC

Another material you can use for your deck is PVC. PVC is a plastic synthetic material. Just because the material has a plastic base doesn't mean that it isn't sturdy. PVC doesn't swell or shrink due to moisture.

It doesn't rot, and termites don't like it, plus it is easy to clean. Some types of PVC actually look like wood, and others have more of a plastic look to it. PVC is pretty affordable and easy to install; the one big downside is that the boards may squeak when you walk on them.

Material #4: Composite

Composite wood is made from a combination of various types of wood that are used to make lumber. In addition to wood, composite wood also contains straw and plastic.

This material comes in a range of different colors as well as textures. It can actually last for a long time if you stain the wood and take care of it. It can scuff up easily but is a more affordable decking material choice.

When choosing a decking material, think about how it will, how long it will last, and how easy it will be for you to take care of the deck.

For more information on the materials you can use for your deck, or information regarding deck repair, contact your local experts.

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