Commercial Fences: From Temporary To Permanent Options

Commercial fence installation services provide a variety of commercial fencing options. Along with material choices, they also offer temporary to permanent fencing. To get an idea of the kinds of fencing solutions these fence contractors offer, the following examples are provided. 

Temporary Construction Site Fencing: Two Options

Construction sites generally like to put up temporary "guard" fencing around a work zone so that people walking nearby or driving nearby do not come too close. There are two temporary options here. The first is chain link fencing, and the second is braced board fencing. 

The chain link fencing starts with posts cemented in five-gallon work pails around the perimeter of the work zone. The pails are spaced evenly apart. Then the chain link material is wrapped around these temporary posts in the concrete "shoe" buckets. The link material is usually secured with metal rings or heavy duty zip ties, since the fence is meant to be temporary. When the construction is finished, the zip ties are cut, the chain link material rolled up again, and the posts in their concrete shoe-buckets are all loaded onto the contractor's truck. 

The wood board option puts square posts into the ground around the property where the construction is happening. They are braced from behind with more wooden posts cut at angles to the vertical post. Boards are clapped to the posts and secured with nails to keep the public out. All of these materials are reusable, so when the construction is done, the temporary fence is broken down and used as recycled materials. 

Semi-Permanent or Semi-Temporary (However You Look at It)

These fences can be made of almost any material. They are a combination of semi-permanent footing/posts and temporary materials to either obstruct one's view, or prevent others from entering. Because the occupiers of the property being fenced do not intend to remain there long, the fence has to be made easy to remove when it is time to pull up the stakes and move on. 

Permanent Options

Permanent options can create fences that are anywhere from six to twelve feet high, utilizing chain link or wood materials. The posts themselves are secured, one by one, in the ground with concrete. Barbed wire may top the fences for added security. These types of fences are more commonly used in prisons, or around government and military properties where anyone other than authorized personnel are not allowed to enter. 

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