How To Make A Chain Link Fence More Rigid

Chain link fences are an inexpensive way to rope off your property and keep people and stray animals from trespassing. However, there are different levels of quality when it comes to chain link fencing, and some of that results in chain links bowing or bending. You may want a fence that remains more rigid and less easy to squeeze through or climb over. Good news; there are ways to make your chain link fence more rigid. 

Vinyl-Coat It

A vinyl coating commonly used to give this type of fencing more color and curb appeal can add more stiffness to the fence. Because the coating coats areas where the chain links connect, it prevents the links from rattling or moving much. It is akin to shrink-wrapping a package and having that package become very stiff because of the shrink-wrap. The same thing happens when you choose a chain-link fence that is vinyl-coated for decorative purposes. 

Decrease the Distance Between Posts

A chain-link fence with posts that are placed eight feet or more apart often has more issues with bowing and bending. Placing the posts closer together decreases the amount of flexibility the fence has, and therefore decreases the possibility of bowing and bending. While you could decrease it to six feet apart for the posts, four feet apart is even better. It creates a more taut and rigid structure for the fence material to attach to.  

Buy a Higher Quality Chain Link Mesh

As previously mentioned, there are many levels of quality where the chain link mesh is concerned. Opt for galvanized steel with a tighter mesh weave, which may cost more but wiggle, bow and bend less. Additionally, purchasing this specific chain link mesh deters trespassers from trying to get a foothold in the openings of the chain mesh to climb over. There is not enough room in a tighter mesh weave to get even the toe end of a shoe or boot in the fence and climb over. 

Use More Steel Loops

To secure the chain mesh to the posts, fencing contractors use steel clamping loops. They generally only use three; one top, one middle, and one bottom. If they use two more to secure the chain mesh in between the other three loops, they create greater tension in the fence and thus less flexibility to bow or bend. However, you do have to make this special request. 

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