Three Types Of Chain-Link Fences That Last For Generations

Great businesses can last generations. There are many small businesses that are even run by the grandchildren of the original owner. When you are installing a commercial chain-link fence, the fence itself can also last for generations, as long as it is well maintained and you choose the right type of chain-link fence. There are three options that are highly durable.

Vinyl Fencing

The type of chain-link fence that lasts the longest is a vinyl fence. This fence still uses galvanized metal, but it also has a vinyl coating to protect it. If you simply use a galvanized fence, it will rust over time and you will eventually need to replace it. If you do not replace the rusted parts of the fence, it might develop weak spots that can be broken through easily by an intruder.

While there are many types of fences to choose from, few are completely maintenance-free. With a galvanized fence, once it is installed, you will not have to perform maintenance unless it becomes damaged. For example, if a car accidentally backs into the fence, you may need to have it repaired. 

Powder Coating

If you apply a powder coating to the chain-link fence, you will need to clean it periodically so that pollutants do not accumulate on the fence. Otherwise, the pollutants will cause the chain-link fence to wear out. Fortunately, your chain-link fence can be washed with soapy water to remove pollutants.

Fortunately, if properly cared for, a powder-coated chain-link fence will not need any other maintenance. If you notice that the powder coating begins to wear, you may want to reapply the coating. However, powdered coatings do not chip and crack in the same way as traditional wet paint. Traditional wet paint will typically last a few years before you will need to apply a new coat of paint.

The powder coating finish will be much more durable if the fence is properly cleaned before the powdered coating is applied. Also, the durability of the powdered coating is based largely on the quality of the metal used for the chain-link fence. 

Galvalume Steel

Another option is Galvalume steel. This form of steel uses a zinc and aluminum coating to make the steel as resistant to corrosion as possible.

With many options available, it's very possible to have a long-lasting commercial chain-link fence for your business. Call commercial chain link fencing businesses in your area to learn more.

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