Factors To Decide When You're Getting A Dog Fence Built

One of the good things about finding a skilled fencing contractor who serves your area is that he or she can build a variety of types of fences for you. Some homeowners favor fences around their yards, and if you have a swimming pool, local bylaws will require you to have it fenced, too. If you own a large dog that spends a lot of time outside, you may also wish to talk to the contractor about building a dog fence. This can be ideal if you don't favor the "invisible" fencing that some dog owners use, for example. There are many options to consider when you're planning your dog fence. Here are some factors to discuss with your fence contractor.


The goal of a dog fence, of course, is to keep your pet contained. One of the biggest factors to evaluate is the height of the fence. Different dogs can jump different heights based on several criteria, including the size of the dog, its weight, and even its breed. You don't want to err on the side of a fence that is too short, as it may not give you confidence in its ability to contain your pet if they were to get excited. You might wish to research online how high certain breeds can jump or even talk to your local veterinarian. You can then tell your fencing professional how high you want the dog fence.


Dog fences are often made of chain link or other materials that allow you to be able to see your animal when it's inside of the fenced-in area. You may, however, want to think about privacy for a couple of reasons. For example, if your breed is expensive and you've heard about pet thefts in your area, having at least part of the fence outfitted with privacy slats may be ideal for you. Or, if your animal frequently barks when vehicles and pedestrians travel past your home, privacy slats on the part of the fence that faces the street may prevent barking.


You'll want to evaluate the number and style of gates to include in the fence. Depending on the size of the enclosure, two gates might be preferable to one. Additionally, you may want gates that have locking mechanisms that are within reach of a child if your children will frequently be taking your pet in and out of its fenced-in area. Your fencing contractor will be able to show you pictures of past enclosures for dogs that he or she has done, which may give you other points to discuss before you approve the project.

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